Best California Honeymoon Destinations

Chase your honeymoon dreams and you can catch them in California! Some of the world’s most famous sights to share are within her borders and romance reigns supreme from the tops of snow covered mountains to the ocean’s edge. The majesty of the Redwood Forest; the breathtaking beauty of the 17 Mile Drive; the awesome panoramas of the Pacific Coast Highway; the verdant vineyards of the wine country; the startling blue waters of Lake Tahoe, the grace of the Golden Gate Bridge; and the outrageous, star studded walk of Hollywood are just a few of the exciting things to see.

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Whether your sport is snow skiing or ocean surfing, you’ll find it here, and in some places you can do them both in the same day! The sun shines on your love 300 days each year and mild temperatures invite you to practice your favorites whenever you’re in the mood.

From San Diego to Sacramento and beyond, you’ll feel as if “The Great Outdoors” is there just for the two of you to enjoy. Open your minds and your hearts and let California enchant you.

We adore California. Because it is such a large and diverse state, you can have all kinds of honeymoons, all while staying in the U.S. From outdoorsy to luxury, couples can plan the perfect honeymoon for their unique interests and travel style. Here are 10 California honeymoon destinations that we think are the most spectacular!


Is your ideal California less urban glam and more woodsy adventure? You and your honey can either camp in Yosemite or stay at a nearby lodge. Hike, rock climb, admire the dramatic views, and get back to nature. This rustic honeymoon is rife with opportunities for amazing photos and memories.

#Humboldt County

Looking at the sequoias in the Redwood National Forest should be on everyone’s bucket list. Head to Humboldt County for a laidback honeymoon that will have you breathing in plenty of pine-scented fresh air. Once you’ve thoroughly explored the forest, head to the rocky Northern California coastline for a change in scenery.

#Sonoma Valley

Sonoma is all about one thing: wine. Luckily, all these vineyards also make for an unbelievably beautiful landscape to enjoy while you sample their bounty! There are plenty of other activities to try in Sonoma (close proximity to the coast and Redwood National Forest), but a honeymoon here means savoring the finer things. Dine on delicious food and find your very favorite wine. Make sure you stop by Pride Mountain, one of our very favorite vineyards, for a splendid afternoon.

#Santa Barbara

If California is all about enjoying the beach, then Santa Barbara just might be your ideal vacay. Of course, there is so much more to do here, but this town is quintessentially Southern California, with a relaxed attitude and the finer things aplenty. Take a night out at Stearns Wharf, and spend the days at local vineyards. History buffs will love the historic Spanish buildings and missions, and those with a green thumb will appreciate the town’s vast botanical garden.

#Palm Springs

Palm Springs is a mix of contradictions. It’s an oasis in the middle of an unforgiving desert that is lush and rich and green. It has both a flourishing arts community and is designed with a mid-century modern vibe that will have Mad Men fans drooling. You can be standing in the middle of Death Valley, and later that day play a round of gold in paradise. In other words, this is a destination that you need to visit to fully appreciate all of its wonders.

#Catalina Island

A honeymoon in Catalina means truly getting away from it all. Couples who want to stay in luxury will find several hotels and bed and breakfasts to cater to their every whim. Otherwise, there are several mid-range lodgings. You can even camp in the interior of the island (expect rugged terrain) with a permit. For the most part, honeymooning on Catalina means fun nights out to the local theatre and casino, and getting dolled up for dinner. Adventurous couples can spend the day doing all sorts of water sports or participating in a local tour.

#San Diego

The vibrant city is filled with all of the typical attractions and accommodations you would expect from a destination the size. But what makes San Diego a truly great honeymoon is its close proximity to some of Southern California’s most exciting things to see. First of all, San Diego is an easy drive to the Mexican border. Cross over for the day to sip margaritas and shop in Tijuana. Next, take a trip to Escondido to enjoy a few wineries, local parks, and old Spanish missions. Last but certainly not least, stay for a couple days on Coronado Island, one of San Diego’s most luxurious and picturesque beach communities.


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