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Best Places to Honeymoon in France


Hey, newlyweds! Looking for a place to honeymoon? Well, I gotcha covered. Simply print this out, give it to your betrothed, and tell them to choose any (or all!) from this list. Or stick it to the wall and throw a dart at it to decide. Whatever method you choose, you simply cannot go wrong with a honeymoon in France. Here are some top picks, tips and advice for you two crazy kids.

Imagine yourself in France

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To some, a romantic honeymoon in France may seem obvious. But France and everything it represents goes far beyond a photo op in front of the Eiffel Tower. The welcoming people, the influential culture and history, the gorgeous and varied landscape, the vibrant and essential cities, and of course the cuisine, all blend into a one-of-a-kind experience that will live on in your memories well after your last au revoir.

France is a republic in Western Europe with overseas territories around the world, which is a lasting reminder of the nation’s prominence as a global empire. Roughly the size of Texas, France is referred to as l’Hexagone due to its shape, and is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea, the English Channel, the North Sea and on the east by the Rhine River. The country boasts extraordinarily diverse and beautiful terrain from rolling hills and lavender fields in Provence, majestic Alps in Bordeaux, a wind-swept coast in Brittany to the west and balmy luxuriousness of palm trees and warm sun in the Riviera down south.

Planning your France honeymoon may seem daunting. After all, this land has the best in fine wine, strong cheese, exquisite breads, extravagant chateaus, fantastic architecture and attractions as unique as they are breathtaking. And don’t forget the cafes and bistros, museums and gardens…all inspiring the sublime essence of love. Taking it all in is virtually impossible, but that’s actually great news—now you have the ideal excuse to return one day to renew your vows!

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I mean, come on. It’s Paris – where walking anywhere feels like a romantic stroll, you can splurge on a hotel and be treated like royalty, and intimate meals over candlelight are a dime a dozen. It’s also easy to navigate and very visitor-friendly, so you’ll feel like everything’s been taken care of for you. And if it’s your first time, you can spend a couple of days on some side trips from Paris to make it feel like two vacations in one.

French Riviera


There are a couple of reasons why I’m choosing the French Riviera as a top pick. First of all, if you have your wedding in a “shoulder” season but still want to enjoy a beach honeymoon, this is great. Second, it’s not a typical honeymooner destination; you won’t feel like everyone’s gouging you just because they see you coming from a mile away. And third, it’s days filled with nothing but traveling on boats and sitting under palm trees and eating ridiculously fresh food and sipping drinks, but you’re in a very cosmopolitan region and everyone’s devastatingly glamorous, like they’re extras in your honeymoon movie. Ugh, love it, love it, love it.

Loire Valley


If you love a road trip, then the Loire Valley is your honeymoon. Grab a rental car in Paris and head a bit south to visit historic Châteaux, gardens, vineyards, and basically live your fantasy life for a couple of weeks.


The French island of Corsica is an undeveloped gem where the charm of old Europe shines within the beauty of azure Mediterranean waters and white crescent beaches. From relaxing in a crystal lagoon to hiking for days through thick forests and along rolling green hilltops, a Corsica honeymoon has something for everyone.



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