Top 10 Places To Visit In Indonesia For Your Honeymoon

A honeymoon in Indonesia can be as exciting or laid back as you want it to be. With over 13000 large and small tropical islands, there is no end to its white sandy coastline making for a perfect sun soaked holiday. Also get enamoured by its wildlife, luxuriant rain forests, ancient temples, grand mountain views and breathtaking volcanoes.

#1. Komodo

Indulge your senses in the natural beauty and exotic charm that is Komodo Island. Take a dip in the blue waters of Pink Beach and watch the marine beauty including the amazing corals. Go diving at Merah Beach, Batu Bolong and Tatawa islands. And make sure you visit the Komodo National Park and see Komodo dragons up close in their native habitat. Komodo is indeed one of the best places to visit in Indonesia for honeymoon.

Best time to visit: Between the months of March and June or September through December.

#2. Ora Beach

An exotic and extremely remote destination, Ora beach is amongst the best honeymoon destinations in Indonesia. Relax at the white sandy beaches overlooking the crystal clear waters of Sawai Bay, popular for diving and snorkelling. Go trekking in the forested island of Seram, famous for its abundant bird life and visit the breathtaking lush forest of the Manusela National Park. 

Best time to visit: April until August

#3. Banyuwangi

Banyuwangi is filled with beautiful gems that make for a wonderful honeymoon. Climb up the Ijen volcano and be amazed by blue flames that spring out among the yellow sulphurous rocks. Watch baby turtles take their first steps to the ocean at Sukamade Beach.Take a safari ride through the Baluran National Park, go snorkelling in Bama Beach and surfing at Pulau Merah Beach. 

Best time to visit: June until September

#4. Banda Islands

Surrounded by crystal clears waters and filled with exotic marine life, the Banda Islands is amongst the most romantic places to visit in Indonesia for honeymooners. Go sailing and diving at Pulau Ai, Batu Kapal, Hatta Reef, and Nusa Laut, watch the awe inspiring sunrise at Gunung Api and take a leisurely stroll through the charming town of Bandaneira. 

Best time to visit: September through November

#5. Lake Toba

One of the most mesmerizing places to visit in Indonesia on your honeymoon is Lake Toba – a large volcanic lake set against the picturesque mountains for an enchanting view. Go swimming, water skiing, canoeing and fishing at the town of Parapat. Take a leisurely walk in the beautiful Naborsahon River Valley, explore the traditional architecture of Batak Toba house compounds and visit Simanindo where traditional Batak ritual dances and music are performed. 

Best time to visit: May to September

#6. Togean Islands

With calm waters, beautiful underwater scenery and stunning reefs Togean Islands are perfect spot for a romantic trip in Indonesia. Relax on the white sandy beaches and go snorkelling and diving to explore the different types of corals found here including barrier reef, Patch Reef and atoee. Also indulge in Island hopping to the secluded Karina beach and Bajo Village. 

Best time to visit: Between August to October

#7. Bali

A trip to Indonesia is not complete without a trip to the tourist capital Bali, complete with its beautiful temples, wildlife and breathtaking beaches. Get sun soaked at the beautiful Kuta beach followed by surfing at Uluwatu. Go on a wildlife adventure at the Bali Safari and Marine Park, catch the Kecak dance at Pura Tanah Lot and visit the Benoa Harbour for a Mangrove tour. 

Best time to visit: April to September

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#8. Yogyakarta

If you are in the mood for something more enlightening on your honeymoon then visit Yogyakarta, an arts, culinary and culture hub and home to Borobodur, an eighth century Buddhist temple and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Also make sure to climb up the active volcano Mt Merapi, go for eco-tours of rural villages like Candirejo and Kembang Arum and make a trip to the ruins at Taman Sari complex. 

Best time to visit: July to September

#9. Mount Bromo

A trip to Indonesia would be incomplete without a visit to the spectacular Mount Bromo, one of the most active volcanoes in the world. Hike up Mount Bromo for a spectacular view over the Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park to the smoking peak Mount Semuru. Also visit The Poten, a Tenggerese Hindu temple nearby Mount Bromo. 

Best time to visit: April to October

#10. Belitung Island

Spend your honeymoon in Indonesia on Belitung, an enchanting island with beautiful beaches, fascinating scenery and a unique landscape decorated with magnificent granite stone formations. When here watch the sharks in Nangka Island, swim with hawksbill turtles in Lengkuas island and explore the caves in Seadong Island. Also go island hopping to the many small uninhabited islands, some that look like abstract sculptures. 

Best time to visit: April to October 

Go for a honeymoon with a mix of both luxury and excitement. From exploring the underwater life, to climbing atop a volcano make sure you choose a spot that would make this special beginning worth remembering for a long time. After all, a honeymoon happens, but once!


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